Singapore Wedding Photography Guide For Brides


Being able to smile widely like these brides on their Actual Day Wedding is what we all aim for, since it is just a ONCE IN A LIFETIME event!

But such is life when things go very wrong and we've all heard horror stories before from friends and family who have went through the worst in Singapore.

This is when I decided to compile this list and hope that you may have an easier time deciding on your Actual day wedding photographer for your special day!

Let's Go!

Questions 1: Are you free for my wedding date?

ALWAYS ask this once you've confirmed your Actual Day Wedding Date. I have known brides in who waited till the last moment to enquire and in the end, lost out to someone faster. 

While hundreds of couples are aiming to book for that same Auspicious date, there are only a handful of masterful photographers to your taste & liking! Some brides book a year or more in advance, and there's nothing wrong with being a little "Kiasu" in this tiny Singapore.

You'll also be saving some money as well since many vendors tend to increase their prices each season.

These dates will be snatched up so fast, you will be left with 2nd or 3rd choices. Honestly, who would want 3rd "best" option for their wedding? Not me. So, go a step further and Deposit to book your date. This seals the deal before anyone else can snatch it away!

Questions 2: How Many Hours Could You Cover For My Wedding?

There are many offerings, anything from 5/6 or 10 hour packages from every vendor. There are some vendors who do provide full event coverage for that extra peace of mind, these are the special ones to take note of :) 

Having a 10 hour package can be very limiting for your once in a lifetime event. Case in point - A 6am bridal makeup till the end of a dinner banquet is already 16-18 hours. Sometimes unexpected delays and schedule changes during the actual day wedding are unavoidable. So the best would be to invest in an entire event coverage package.

The last thing you should worry about is how much time you are left to capture precious memories!

Questions 3: Do you have videography as well?

For many vendors as well, providing videography is standard fan fare.

You can expect different quality work for the different premiums you will be paying. If there is a certain style and look you personally love for videography, hire a "videography specialist" vendor instead of a "combo" or "add on" option. If you do want video memories at a packaged rate, get a combo package to save some precious dollars!


Questions 4: What If My Wedding Schedule Is Not "The Usual"?

Some vendors have fixed packages in what they are offering, while you can just "go with the flow", it is good to ask if the vendor can tailor to your needs. For example, you may require only 5 hours of coverage, obviously you would not be looking for a 10 hour package. 

Question 5: What are your deliverables?

Always be sure what the vendor will be delivering to you at the end of the day. It could be digital soft copies, or hard copy prints. Photos can be Delivered via thumb drive, or via online downloads. Wedding photo book or a wedding box could be included in some packages. Be sure to know what you will receive to avoid any disappointment.  

Question 6: How can I book/deposit?

Most vendors nowadays require an upfront deposit to book your date, this is standard practice. However, if a vendor asks for more than 50% for example, be on the side of caution and check why they would require such a high deposit rate.

The best is to get some personal information from your wedding photographer as well i.e office/home address/contact number and so on. Then you can be assured of your investment. Take note that, deposit given are non-refundable in most cases, so consider carefully before diving in!

Now go forth and enjoy planning your wedding! 

Editor's notes

I hope you have gained some insights, tips and questions to ask your wedding photographer! With these knowledge at your fingertips, you can certainly have a more enjoyable time planning your wedding and avoiding all the unnecessary headaches!

If you did enjoy this article, please take time to check out the rest of my website! Many thanks and do share this info with bride's to be who are about to get hitched!

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