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After having covered many weddings in Singapore, I've come to learn that each wedding is different and unique.

Here are some info on how you can plan a smooth and enjoyable wedding!


1) Why send an enquiry Now, even if My wedding is a year later?

It actually happened where 3 Brides were enquiring on a date. However A lucky bride listened to my advice and booked months before the rest of them!! She continued planning the rest of her wedding without any hiccups! 

Auspicious dates usually fall on specific days and every bride is fighting for a spot, so be quick!

Depositing to book your date seals the deal before anyone can snatch it away!

2) How Many Hours Could you cover for my wedding?

As a firm believer of providing great service to my couples, my photography packages cater to both short hours and full event coverage!

Starting at the bride's makeup (no early surcharge) all the way till the end of event when we capture table shots, plain and simple.

No Hard-sell hidden cost game here. What you pay is final.

3) What if I want video as well?

I am known for my photography, it is part of my brand name! There is add-on videography packages. Ive worked with my partner & we have shot together for years.

4) What if My Wedding Schedule is Not "The usual"?

I do have per hour - flexible hours scheme for those requiring less or more time.

5) Can someone else from your team shoot since you are booked?

I pride myself in providing only the best and so, Only I will be covering your wedding! If I am booked for the day, I will kindly decline the offer for another enquiry of the same date.

Therefore it is most important that you book fast once you got your date settled, especially if it's a popular auspicious date and in peak wedding seasons.

6)Do you offer any Pre-Wedding Services?

Local & Overseas Pre-wedding Available! Pm for more info.

7)How about Post-Wedding Services?

There are gifts post wedding which you can add-on like Coffee Table Wedding Albums & Canvas Prints for Wall Art! There's even an option for a post-wedding shoot!